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    • Recognition of our contribution to the construction of the country.
    • Promote ethno-education as an integral part of national education.
    • Promote the positive imagery of the (human capital)/Afro-descendant population.
    • Overcoming structural racism in public and private educational institutions.
    • Contribution for their progress, understanding progress as something diverse, according to the needs of each black/ Raizal/ Palenquera / Afro population.


    • Provide ongoing support of the following genres of art to positively frame the black experience:
      • Performing Arts: drama, music, dance.
      • Visual Arts: painting, drawing, photography, videography.
      • Communicative Arts: speech, poetry, creative writing.
      • Culinary Arts: cooking and food preparation.
    • Advocate for the city’s equitable support of black artists and cultural workers.
    • To support the creation of a culturally informed artistic community that enables the proliferation and sustainability of black artists, black businesses and retailers.
    • Support and advocate for culturally representative artistic programming.


    • Promote entrepreneurship in youth and adults by providing access to capital and business networks to help people maintain and expand their businesses.
    • Work toward advancing workforce development and vocational education to ensure that our communities have the skills and training necessary to secure jobs.
    • Strive to remove legal, regulatory, and cultural barriers that prevent our communities from fully and freely participating in the economy.
    • Establish a culture of business support to strengthen, empower and unite the black/ Raizal / Palenquera / Afro community.
    • Formulate and mange projects for the financing and support of the organization, articulated with international cooperation and local and national support.


    • Advise and comment on internal communication processes.
    • Suggest programs, activities, and key messaging in the design of internal communication.
    • Participate in specific campaigns through social networks, TV, radio or other means of communication.
    • Support the plans and activities proposed in the organization.
    • Monitor compliance with the organization’s internal communication policies.
    • Mobilize and mange collaborations between members and external people for activities and development of forums, talks or conferences.
    • Plan alternative solutions to difficulties in communication and dissemination within and outside the organization.


    • Recognition of the different realities that each community lives predicated upon their territory and its own social dynamics.
    • Promotion of community empowerment, understood as the ability to work together for the wellbeing of all communities.
    • Create community ties strengthened by trust, recognition and respect for the sentiment of the other.
    • Contribution to a relevant education with an ethnic focus within the communities.