Your Bank’s Online BillPay/ECheck/ACH

Many banks offer a way to set up an online “payment” (or donation in this case) by creating a paper or electronic check and sending it for you. You can set up recurring donations this way through your bank’s website. Email for more information.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Please contact us at 678-379-3567 to set up an electronic funds transfer for a one-time donation. Email for more information.

Legacy Giving

Your giving can have a lasting legacy in Colombia through planned giving. Whether you designate a specific amount or leave a percentage of your estate, your legacy gift will empower AfrosUnidos continued work in Colombia. Reach out to with questions.

Giving Stock

Please contact us at 678-379-3567 or to receive the necessary brokerage information to transfer stocks directly from your brokerage account to AfrosUnidos. This might be an advantageous way to give depending on your tax situation, as it may allow you to pay less tax through your support of a charitable organization.

Memorial Gifts

Remember a family member or friend through a memorial gift. Give online or mail a check with a note to 1700 Northside Drive NW, Suite A7-2473, Atlanta, GA 30318. We’ll send a card to the loved one of your choosing, along with a note of how the gift will be used to transform lives in Colombia. If you would like to set up an online give page to facilitate multiple memorial gifts, please contact us at 678-379-3567 or

Alternative Gifts

We have the perfect birthday, anniversary, or thinking-of-you gifts. Through our Gifts of Opportunity program, you can honor a friend or family member while making an impact on a family or community in Colombia. Click here to see the catalog.

Give Your Birthday

Your birthday can transform lives in Colombia! Set up a fundraising page where your family and friends can honor your birthday by donating to Amigos for Christ.

Matching Gifts

Your employer might double or even triple your donation(s). Click the icon above to see if your employer matches donations, or contact your employer to follow the steps to register your donation(s).

Gifts in Kind

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Airline Miles

Donate your unused airline miles to help our team visit with and grow the AfrosUnidos Family. Contact 678-379-3567 or for more information.

American Airlines | United Airlines

To give Delta Airline miles, please contact for details.

Shopping Rewards

When you make purchases with the following companies, AfrosUnidos is registered to
receive a certain percentage donation of your purchase!


You can participate by going to the web page and choosing AfrosUnidos as the charitable organization you wish to donate to. You will still be purchasing through Amazon, but the foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to AfrosUnidos.


You can participate by creating a digital account with Kroger and linking your card to AfrosUnidos. Any transactions moving forward using your Shopper’s Card number will be applied to the Kroger Community Rewards program.


  • Recognition of our contribution to the construction of the country.
  • Promote ethno-education as an integral part of national education.
  • Promote the positive imagery of the (human capital)/Afro-descendant population.
  • Overcoming structural racism in public and private educational institutions.
  • Contribution for their progress, understanding progress as something diverse, according to the needs of each black/ Raizal/ Palenquera / Afro population.


  • Provide ongoing support of the following genres of art to positively frame the black experience:
    • Performing Arts: drama, music, dance.
    • Visual Arts: painting, drawing, photography, videography.
    • Communicative Arts: speech, poetry, creative writing.
    • Culinary Arts: cooking and food preparation.
  • Advocate for the city’s equitable support of black artists and cultural workers.
  • To support the creation of a culturally informed artistic community that enables the proliferation and sustainability of black artists, black businesses and retailers.
  • Support and advocate for culturally representative artistic programming.


  • Promote entrepreneurship in youth and adults by providing access to capital and business networks to help people maintain and expand their businesses.
  • Work toward advancing workforce development and vocational education to ensure that our communities have the skills and training necessary to secure jobs.
  • Strive to remove legal, regulatory, and cultural barriers that prevent our communities from fully and freely participating in the economy.
  • Establish a culture of business support to strengthen, empower and unite the black/ Raizal / Palenquera / Afro community.
  • Formulate and mange projects for the financing and support of the organization, articulated with international cooperation and local and national support.


  • Advise and comment on internal communication processes.
  • Suggest programs, activities, and key messaging in the design of internal communication.
  • Participate in specific campaigns through social networks, TV, radio or other means of communication.
  • Support the plans and activities proposed in the organization.
  • Monitor compliance with the organization’s internal communication policies.
  • Mobilize and mange collaborations between members and external people for activities and development of forums, talks or conferences.
  • Plan alternative solutions to difficulties in communication and dissemination within and outside the organization.


  • Recognition of the different realities that each community lives predicated upon their territory and its own social dynamics.
  • Promotion of community empowerment, understood as the ability to work together for the wellbeing of all communities.
  • Create community ties strengthened by trust, recognition and respect for the sentiment of the other.
  • Contribution to a relevant education with an ethnic focus within the communities.