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The purpose of the Afros Unidos Association is to carry out activities of cultural, recreational, social, educational, economic, and political relevancy that contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of Afro-Colombian communities. Headquartered in Medellin, Colombia we are an organization that seeks to connect the African diaspora around the world by building solid international alliances through pillars based primarily on education, knowledge of our history, business, community service and the promotion of culture. Inspired by the old Palenquera institution of the “kuagro”, where the Palenqueros actively participate in the political, social and cultural life of their community, Afros Unidos focuses its efforts on 5 different “kuagros,” or groups: Ethnoeducation, Economic Empowerment, Community Service, Culture and Events, and Communications.


Afros Unidos is a global group of Afro descendants who seek to improve the quality of life of our communities so that they achieve sustainable autonomy; focusing its actions on five kuagros. Ethno-education, Economic Empowerment, Community Service, Culture and Events, and Communications.

Every and anyone can be a change agent. What role will you play?

Herschel E. Chalk III


AfrosUnidos will be a leading organization in advocacy, development and autonomy of Afro-descendant communities. The work of AfrosUnidos will allow the formation of an international network of collaborators who will jointly carry out actions that will lead to the strenghtening, growth, and empowerment of the Afro people.


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  • Recognition of our contribution to the construction of the country.
  • Promote ethno-education as an integral part of national education.
  • Promote the positive imagery of the (human capital)/Afro-descendant population.
  • Overcoming structural racism in public and private educational institutions.
  • Contribution for their progress, understanding progress as something diverse, according to the needs of each black/ Raizal/ Palenquera / Afro population.


  • Provide ongoing support of the following genres of art to positively frame the black experience:
    • Performing Arts: drama, music, dance.
    • Visual Arts: painting, drawing, photography, videography.
    • Communicative Arts: speech, poetry, creative writing.
    • Culinary Arts: cooking and food preparation.
  • Advocate for the city’s equitable support of black artists and cultural workers.
  • To support the creation of a culturally informed artistic community that enables the proliferation and sustainability of black artists, black businesses and retailers.
  • Support and advocate for culturally representative artistic programming.


  • Promote entrepreneurship in youth and adults by providing access to capital and business networks to help people maintain and expand their businesses.
  • Work toward advancing workforce development and vocational education to ensure that our communities have the skills and training necessary to secure jobs.
  • Strive to remove legal, regulatory, and cultural barriers that prevent our communities from fully and freely participating in the economy.
  • Establish a culture of business support to strengthen, empower and unite the black/ Raizal / Palenquera / Afro community.
  • Formulate and mange projects for the financing and support of the organization, articulated with international cooperation and local and national support.


  • Advise and comment on internal communication processes.
  • Suggest programs, activities, and key messaging in the design of internal communication.
  • Participate in specific campaigns through social networks, TV, radio or other means of communication.
  • Support the plans and activities proposed in the organization.
  • Monitor compliance with the organization’s internal communication policies.
  • Mobilize and mange collaborations between members and external people for activities and development of forums, talks or conferences.
  • Plan alternative solutions to difficulties in communication and dissemination within and outside the organization.


  • Recognition of the different realities that each community lives predicated upon their territory and its own social dynamics.
  • Promotion of community empowerment, understood as the ability to work together for the wellbeing of all communities.
  • Create community ties strengthened by trust, recognition and respect for the sentiment of the other.
  • Contribution to a relevant education with an ethnic focus within the communities.